Kalanchoe is a genus of around 125 succulent plants. Kalanchoe is native to Madagascar and Africa. Some Kalanchoe can be mistaken for Cotyledon as both of them have flower petals that are fused into a tubular form, divided into sections with 8 stamens. They are available in varied forms, some growing several meters tall and others only up to 30-60cm in height.

Some commonly know Kalanchoe are ‘Flapjack’ ‘Copper Spoons’ ‘Panda Paw’ and the more invasive lavender scollops (the variegated variety is less invasive than the standard variety).

Kalanchoe is a winter active succulent. Flapjacks seem to flower in late summer/early autumn and other varieties much later toward late winter, early spring.

Kalanchoe Varieties

Kalanchoe Luciae Fantastic

An absolutely outstanding specimen, Kalanchoe Luciae Fantastic is sure to win any succulent lovers heart! With almost rainbow coloured leaves deepening in colour depending on

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