Graptoveria is as it sounds, a cross between a Graptopetalum and an Echeveria, making for a hardier, more prolific grower. These succulents can be used for ‘fillers’ or even ‘thrillers’ depending on the variety. Graptoveria Fred Ives is one I use frequently as a ‘thriller’ as it has quite striking structure and intense colours throughout winter. I would say the most common of Graptoverias would be Graptoveria David Cummings, Fred Ives and Douglas Huth as they are extremely hardy and prolific growers.

Smaller varieties include Graptoveria Lovely Rose and Graptoveria Rubra, they make great statements in small arrangements or great fillers in larger arrangements.

As for growth season, Graptoveria seem to lean more towards their Graptopetalum parentage meaning that they are more actively growing in the cooler months. These succulents tend to grow from autumn all the way through to early spring.

Graptoverias are prone to common pests such as mealy bugs and scale. David Cummings and Fred Ives tend to attract aphids on their flower stems, however, a good spray of dishwashing detergent and water will help keep aphids under control.

Propagation can be achieved via leaf, seed or offsets (stem cuttings). The best time to start this would be in autumn when your Graptoverias as starting to wake up from summer dormancy.

Graptoveria Varieties

Graptoveria Tricolor

Graptoveria Tricolor is a very sun hardy succulent, it is said to be a cross between Graptoveria amethystinum and Graptoveria paraguayense. These hybrids are more

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