Graptoveria Tricolor


Graptoveria Tricolor is a very sun hardy succulent, it is said to be a cross between Graptoveria amethystinum and Graptoveria paraguayense. These hybrids are more actively growing in the cooler seasons and although they enjoy the sun, they are quite easily affected by too much water. I have found that if left in too much rain (even in a well draining pot) they tend to rot easily.

Tricolor is easily propagated in autumn through to mid spring via cuttings and leaf propagation. Pictured below is my leaf baby I began propagating towards the end of autumn. Growth has slowed in the cooler weeks however should pick back up once the days become slightly warmer and they receive bright indirect light a few hours a day (while they are babies).

Flowers petals are white with red dots and yellow centres, appearing in August in Brisbane weather.

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