Graptoveria David Cummings


David Cummings is a very prolific Graptoveria, once it finds its happy place, it will grow like crazy! This succulent is a very common Graptoveria, most succulent gardeners will have at least 1 in their gardens or if you’re like me… you have so many you have to try give them away!

Their colour ranges from green through to light yellow to flushes of pink in summer. They form tighter rosettes when placed in higher sun exposure but start looking ‘rangy’ if they are not receiving enough sun in their growing season which generally starts in autumn. 

David Cummings is prone to mealy bugs in humidity so be sure to start looking out for mealy more frequently in the hotter/drier seasons. As they are quite fleshy, be sure to try and not bruise the leaves as this will leave permanent scaring which can start to look quite unsightly! 

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