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Rhipsalis is a type of epiphytic cactus. Mostly referred to as a jungle cactus as they originate in the jungles of the Caribbean, Central and South America. They do not thrive in desert like conditions like other succulents and cacti, preferring protection from overhead trees and shrubs. Rhipsalis do however need a brightly lit location in order to flower (most flower from early winter through to spring). If your Rhipsalis is getting too much sun it may shrivel and turn a dark purple and parts of it will burn and dry out completely, killing the plant. Keep your Rhipsalis well watered in the summer months as they do not like to dry out completely between waterings. Water sparingly (once every 2 weeks in winter).

Rhipsalis Varieties

Lepismium Cruciforme

Recognised as a Rhipsalis, Lepismium Cruciforme is a epyphitic cactus that thrives in indirect sunlight. Flowering in early Spring, the flowers begin as a deep

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Rhipsalis Robusta

Robusta is an epiphytic cactus, the flowers are small yellow-white and cover the entire plant in late winter to early spring. In Brisbane the flowers

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