Lepismium Cruciforme


Recognised as a Rhipsalis, Lepismium Cruciforme is a epyphitic cactus that thrives in indirect sunlight. Flowering in early Spring, the flowers begin as a deep magenta and once open are a soft pink. Other varieties are available and can be white, yellow and cream coloured. Each segment can grow up to 50cm long and are varied in shape, sometimes with 4 angles or more. When placed in full sun the segments can turn a deep purple but do not thrive in this condition after all, they are native to rainforests in warm regions such as Brazil.

Rhipsalis are not drought tolerant and need regular watering, it is important to keep up regular watering in their growth season which generally begins in Spring through to late Summer, do not let it dry out. It is important to not over water, keep the soil moist but not waterlogged, I water mine at least twice a week in its growing period.

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