Graptoveria Fred Ives


Every succulent lover has at least one Fred Ives Graptoveria in their garden. Even if you are a major ‘black thumb’ somehow it doesn’t matter when it comes to this succulent as it can be propagated from leaves that aren’t even intact! It is also such a great thriller in any potted arrangement, especially in winter when it’s colours are most intense.

This succulent can grow up to 30cm in diameter and 60cm tall, although they do tend to look a little leggy when left to grow this tall.

Fred Ives enjoys a full sun location but it can grow pretty much anywhere it is planted. The more sun, the more intense the colours will be and the less ‘leggy’ the stem will become. Their natural growth habit is a little leggier than most so if you find yours is becoming a little too long you can ‘behead’ it with a clean garden tool (I use a clean sterile knife as the stalks are quite tough).

Flowering occurs from mid-winter through to early spring, the flowers are yellow and red.

Colours vary quite dramatically throughout the seasons from blue/grey with flushes of pink in summer to deep pink and purple with some traces of yellow/gold in winter. See below for the seasonal colour changes through pictures from my garden over the seasons.

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