Kalanchoe Rhombopilosa (Pies from Heaven)


Firstly… what an adorable name for such an adorable succulent! This tiny Kalanchoe is named after a slice of pie! Each leaf appears to be a little slice of pie with pinched crusty edges…awwwww 🙂

Pies from Heaven is actively growing in the more temperate seasons such as autumn and is an extremely slow grower. My specimen is over two years old and is only around 8cm tall, grown from a small tube stock seedling of around 1.5cm tall. Rhombopilosa will grow to a maximum of 30cm tall and will stay quite compact if kept in a bright sunny location, especially in the cooler growing seasons. 

Flowers are tiny green/yellow, with the flower stem beginning to appear on this succulent in early winter. According to other trusted sources this Kalanchoe will be in full bloom by spring. The plant is quite fleshy but also very woody at the base with silver/grey leaves and dark brown spots. 

As for pests I have not encountered any thus far in the last two years however I have found that spiders like to hide in between the leaves. Spiders are a gardener’s best friend as they eat any pests that may appear on your succulents, the webs might be unsightly but are easily brushed off if you want to take happy snaps of your babies 😉 

A lot of patience is needed for this little beauty due to it’s slow growth habit. After two years of waiting I finally get to see my specimen flower for the first time so, in the end, it’s all worth it!

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