Senecio Scaposus (Woolly Senecio)


Unlike other common Senecio succulents, Scaposus ‘pups’ similar to an Echeveria. I’ve had my specimen for over a year now and they are reasonably slow growing in Brisbane conditions. My Woolly Senecio receives at least 5 hours of full sun per day year round, so it is in one of the best positions it could be in for my garden. If it wasn’t for the fine hairs that appear all over the leaves, the plant would appear to be more of a pale olive green colour however the fine ‘woolly’ hairs give it a beautiful silver colour and a slightly furry texture.

This succulent will flower late spring, early summer in Brisbane, forming yellow daisy-like flowers that are great for pollinators such as bees. Scaposus can grow up to 30cm tall and the bean like leaves can grow to around 10cm long.

Propagate early spring for best results using seeds or stem cuttings. seeds can be a little tricky so stick to cuttings if you have limited time as seeds need a lot of TLC and warm moist conditions to germinate.

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