Senecio Peregrinus (String of Dolphins)


String of Dolphins Senecio is a hybrid created by crossing a Senecio Articulatus (Candle Plant) and String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus). 
When inspecting the Candle Plant (displayed image below), you can see why it was used to create ‘String of Dolphins’ as the leaves are a similar shape. It is a trailing plant that looks great in hanging baskets and draped over terracotta succulent pot arrangements. String of Dolphins can grow up to 91cm in length with propagation generally done via stem cuttings.

Active Growth
Senecio is a winter active succulent variety that is mostly dormant in summer. The best time of year to take cuttings for propagation is mid Autumn through to Spring. . It is easy to encourage a thicker growth habit by ‘pinching’ off flowers and occasionally trimming the plant up to a preferred shape (this should not be done in the summer months). 

It is important to not overwater any succulent and Senecio Peregrinus is no exception. Water only when the soil has dried on the top layer of the pot and water thoroughly.

Light Requirements
 It is also important you provide plenty of sun, either full morning sun/afternoon shade or alternatively, filtered sun for most of the day. It will be evident if your ‘Dolphins’ are not getting enough sun as they will turn into what we would call ‘Sting Rays.’ The leaves begin to revert back to more of a flat shape, representing more of the Candle Plant characteristics rather than the plump Dolphin form.

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