Senecio Vitalis (Narrow-Leaf Chalksticks)


Grown usually as a ‘filler’ this particular Senecio is great as a low growing shrub. A lot of collectors will grow this plant as it has a habit of ‘cresting’ quite easily (this is caused by a deformity when the plant is actively growing). The crested version of this plant is sold as ‘mermaid’s tail’ as it has a tail-fin like appearance.

Flowers will appear in autumn (April in Brisbane, QLD weather) and are very similar to that of Senecio Articulatus (Candle Plant) or Blue Chalk Sticks (Senecio Mandraliscae).

As for pests, I have not found any pests to date on my Vitalis. The plant can get a little ‘pouty’ sometimes. I’ve noticed that when it receives a good amount of rain it will stand strong and tall however, after a few days when the sun re-appears, it will start drooping and appear to be dying, there is no need for alarm as this state will only last a day or two. It may appear to be thirsty but don’t be fooled, watering it again will only encourage rot! 

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