Senecio Decaryi


A very striking succulent shrub, Senecio Decaryi has a very similar stem appearance to that of Senecio Crassissimus (Vertical Leaf Senecio), the leaves being the distinct difference between the two. The leaves of a Decaryi are less plump and wider and are blue/green and lavender coloured margins. Flowers appear in January in Queensland (Australia) weather, and are bright yellow which appear to be extremely similar to that of Vertical Leaf Senecio (Senecio crassissimus).

Senecio Decaryi can grow up to 120cm tall and 120cm wide and it enjoys full sun. I purchased my specimen early winter, with very minimal growth all the way through to spring. Although Senecio is a winter active succulent, it appears that most of its growth has been late Spring. As any experienced succulent grower will tell you, succulents are ‘opportunists’ when it comes to growth seasons. Although dormancy is quite obvious in some species, others use the more temperate seasons to grow more vigorously such as some Crassula varieties and of course Senecio.

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