Pachyveria Powder Puff


Also known as Pachyveria ‘Exotica’, Powder Puff is as its name suggests very ‘powdery.’ It has quite a lot of farina coating (epicuticular wax) which can get smudged quite easily. Handle this little succulent with great care when repotting as once the farina is rubbed off it will not come back. You will then have to wait for new leaves to grow to hide the ugly finger prints your dirty fingers have created! Don’t be like me, be better… don’t let your fingers ruin the appearance of this stunning succulent.

This Pachyveria is one of the smaller varieties, only growing up to 15cm in height with its form being semi prostrate (grows along the ground) rather than growing on longer stems like that of its Pachyphytum parentage (Pachyveria is a cross between a Pachyphytum and and Echeveria).

The leaves of Pachyveria Powder Puff are a cool blue with flushes of violet in the cooler months and in full sun. The flowers are mostly pink/apricot with yellow centres and start to form late spring and reach full bloom in summer.

Pachyveria is actively growing in the cooler seasons, over the course of autumn and winter 2 medium sized pups have developed on my specimen, I’m a proud Grandma! 😉

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