A Visit to Collectors Corner, Braeside Vic


For years now I’ve been meaning to visit Garden World (Collectors Corner) in Braeside Victoria. This Spring I managed to visit with my partner and wow, so glad I did!

Garden World is a massive garden centre that is also home to Collectors Corner, a wonderland for those plant and crystal collectors that want something just that little bit more unique. My favourite section was of course the Cacti and Succulent display gardens. They have some stunning specimen plants that are just massive and have installed huge Dinosaur sculptures in amongst the displays, it’s really great for kids and adults alike. I managed to take a few plants home in my luggage, a tiny Fan Aloe, a little variegated Hoya and a Graptopetalum. They have giant amounts of stock on hand and great prices for smaller specimens. A real must see if you live in Melbourne or just visiting as it is only around a 35 minute drive from St Kilda. Check them out at https://www.collectorscorner.com.au/

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