Autumn Succulent Blooms in Queensland


Autumn is a wonderful season for succulent blooms. This is a year for mostly propagating and maybe the occasional online purchase due to 2020 circumstances.

The first blooms to appear at the start of autumn were my Stapelia Gigantea. The blooms are extremely smelly (a little like off meat) which attracts flies that are the plants natural pollinators. Next was my Echeveria ‘Dick’s Pink’ the flower stems grew to at least 70cm tall and after removing some of them, more would develop in their place. It is currently the end of May and this is the best time for your Schlumbergera, commonly named Christmas Cactus (Zygo Cactus). Buds will begin forming late April, early May and by the end of May/early June all of your beautiful Zygo Cactus should be in full bloom. It is very common for nurseries to start selling Zygo Cactus in autumn as they are far more attractive to the succulent enthusiast when they are budding or blooming.

Browse the below collection to see what is blooming in my Wynnum, Queensland succulent garden this autumn!

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