Trailing Jade (Senecio Jacobsenii)


Excellent in container gardens as the name suggests, it is a trailing succulent of the Senecio family (unlike your common jade that is actually part of the Crassula genus). The leaves are a kind of teardrop shape and depending on sun exposure and seasonal changes they can be pale green through to a lavendar/pink on the tips. The soft pink/lavendar is usually seen in the winter months but when exposed to enough sun over summer, it can develop the same colouring. 

Dormancy starts in winter so it is best to reduce watering at this time. Prune in early spring if necessary (mine sometimes become too long and starts to trail along the ground if not trimmed back). Flowers are very similar to other Senecio varieties such as pickle plant which is bright orange and fluffy on a long stem.  

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