Kalanchoe Luciae (Flapjack or Paddle Plant)


Kalanchoe Luciae – also known as Flapjacks or Paddle Plants – are a very common garden bed and container display succulent. Depending on the light they receive will determine the colour variations. A Flapjack exposed to full sun for more than four hours per day will display deeper red and orange tones as opposed to less sun which will display more green tones and slowly grow taller to ‘reach’ for sunlight (this is not recommended and will hinder the appearance of your plant).

More than four hours of full sun is recommended for this plant as well as well draining soil. Being a monocarpic succulent (main plant dies once it has flowered), it will send off several ‘pups’ before it dies. Once the pups are at least 10cm in height, remove them from the mother plant and discard the mother plant as it will soon start rotting. This will infect your healthy pups with fungal disease. Scale and mealy bug are very attracted to rotting and dead leaf matter and will be sure to accompany your rotting plant on the fun ride to suicide!

The flower stem can grow as tall as one metre high creating a stunning feature plant in any garden, wonderful when mass planted!

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