Kalanchoe Bracteata (Silver Spoons)


A very suitable name for a stunning silver foliage succulent shrub that grows up to 1.2m in height. Kalanchoe Bracteata aka Silver Spoons is best propagated via stem cuttings but can also be grown from leaf. You will find that a lot of leaves that fall from the mother plant will easily self propagate. The newer leaves display with more of a copper tone around the edges and as they age, the entire leaf becomes a more solid silver colour. 

Silver Spoons starts forming blooms at the end of summer, early Autumn in Queensland and will be in full bloom by mid to late Autumn. The bell shaped blooms are a beautiful deep orange and are long lasting. 

This is another Kalanchoe that is not monocarpic (it does not die after flowering). To maintain, simply cut any flower stems off the mother plant once they are spent (for appearances more than anything).

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