Orostachys Spinosa


Orostachys are summer active succulents, growing in the warmer weather. This Orostachys Spinosa changes its form when coming out of dormancy. Its once elongated leaves die back and then return wider and shorter than before. I find it one of my most fascinating succulents. The leaf tips also change from soft and spiny to almost completely rounded as it matures. Common names include ‘The Succulent Sunflower’ or ‘Spiny Pennywort’.

The flowers are green and cream coloured and appear at the end of Autumn in Brisbane weather. This succulent is monocarpic therefore once it has flowered, the mother plant dies, leaving behind her many pups to continue the cycle of life. 

Propagate via pups in late spring and you will be rewarded with many more babies by the end of summer!

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