I’ve Got the Autumn Succulent Blues


Autumn can be a wonderful season of beautiful blooms, it can also be one of the worst seasons for aphids, scale and mealy bugs.

April – It begins


Autumn hit me and my plants harder than ever before this year. My succulent choices have a great deal to do with this ongoing problem. I was aware that Crassula Campfire was very well known for attracting mealy bugs but… because I love the look of it, I decided it was worth the pain. This part of the plant I decided was too far gone. I removed the entire section and sprayed with soap and metho combined with water in a spray bottle over the course of a week.

Rewards are Plentiful


When you are constantly observing your bug-prone succulents (I like to take macro shots of them as they tend to show more than the eye can see), you can detect problem areas early and keep them under control. Here is my Crassula Campfire, flowering and enjoying life after aphid and mealy removal and a good spray. 

Mature Scale – Easy

With all the rain and less sun to dry out any nasties in this change of season, I find my lovely cactus full of mature scale… I swear it wasn’t there before! The great thing about mature scale is that they don’t move.. This is the best time for manual murder of the little nasties! I managed to remove them carefully into an old container and then applied neem oil. Usually I wouldn’t do this if the plants were in direct sun but at the moment this is not the case. Oil based sprays can suffocate your succulents as they breathe through their leaves.

Sedum Cherry Tart


My Sedum Cherry Tart is a gorgeous ground cover but, very attractive to aphids and mealy bugs. Autumn is their blooming season and the aphids and mealies know it! As they are growing and producing flowers, the mealies are very attracted to this, so a good ‘squish them when you see them’ is a great start. Aphids are deterred by their comrades’ deaths as they release a special odour that sends signals to the others, squish some and the others will be less likely to stay!

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