STOP! Not the organic mulch!


Why you should never use organic mulches on succulents

Being a member of several plant groups means you are dealing with all levels of experience from newbie to advanced. I find it the best way to learn from other members and to help those who are just starting out. Something that really bothers me is when a poor, inexperienced gardener has been given advice from a so-called ‘professional’ and this advice could end up costing them their new plants and all the time and effort they spent on their creation.

A  member of one of my facebook groups had a lovely old wheelbarrow she had planted out with succulents, created drainage holes in the bottom, used the right soil etc however… a very popular nursery salesperson recommended to top it up with pine bark mulch once all planted….. NOOOOO! Please, if there is any advice I can bestow upon you all is that ANY ORGANIC MULCH is NOT OK for your succulents.

Any succulents that are from arid regions of the world don’t naturally grow in moist conditions, they are more likely to grow amongst rocks and dry sandy soils. Placing organic mulch on top of succulents can lead to major outbreaks of mealy bug and scale and can cause your plant to rot from too much water retention.

Stick to inorganic mulch, rocks, gravel or even crushed bricks, this will not only be better for your plants but also can be very striking when using contrasting coloured rocks in your arrangements.

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