Winter Blooms


A guide to winter flowering succulents straight from my garden to you. *Note this is Brisbane, Queensland specific.

So many succulents bloom over the winter season that it is almost hard to keep track. The main offenders in my garden every year are Kalanchoe, Rhipsalis, Crassula, Aloe, Echeveria, Zygo Cactus, Graptoveria, Sedum and Senecio. The inflorescence will begin on many around the end of May and can continue blooming all the way through to July (Kalanchoe Flapjack is just one example of a long lasting blooming period).

It is important to keep a close eye on all of your blooms, from the slightest sight of a flower stem through to its final days as this is when aphids appear. Aphids will seek out any juicy new growth and suck the life from the plant over time. Flapjacks are prone to many different infestations once the flower stem begins to die (monocarpic in habit – flowers once then dies) so it is important to remove the entire plant from the soil, take off any pups and dispose of the mother plant.

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