Aloe Hybrid ‘Pink Blush’


Pink Blush is a clumping Aloe, blooming from mid winter through to early spring. It enjoys morning sun and afternoon shade to look its best and is mostly pest free. I have found that the only thing that troubles some of my Aloe hybrids is scale. I treat my hybrids with a solution of metho and soapy water, with a tiny dash of neem oil combined with water in a spray bottle. The neem can do damage if used excessively or left on in the full sun, so it is best to treat your plants when the sun is going down. I have not found any harm done to my Aloes using this mix, as long as treatment is done at the right time of day and the plant is protected from sun for the next few days otherwise it can burn the leaves.

Pink Blush looks lovely in a tapestry garden or as a single specimen in a terracotta or ceramic pot.

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