Aeonium Blushing Beauty


Blushing Beauty contrasts nicely with all of your more common Aeoniums and has a slightly velvety appearance. It is one of the more compact arboreum varieties (tree like in growth habit).

In it’s growth season (winter), Blushing Beauty is mostly green but will get tinges of red/pink around the edges of the leaves. As the seasons change and they start to close up for summer, you will notice the colours will intensify. I find most Aeoniums will look their best come August/September in an Australian climate (this means late winter, early spring for anyone in the northern hemisphere). It can grow up to 60cm in height with short thick stems bearing bright yellow flowers in late winter in Australia.

Hybrid Breed
Blushing Beauty is a hybrid species resulting from Aeonium Zwartkopf and Aeonium Canariese and, depending on the time of year, tends to look very similar to Aeonium Velour. This should come as no surprise as both Blushing Beauty and Velour have a shared parent, Aeonium Canariese, and are therefore considered siblings.

‘Blush’ enjoys full morning sun for at least 5 hours a day and afternoon shade. If you are in a hotter climate, it is best to keep them shaded a little in summer. You can either keep them in a pot and move them in summer or simply use shade cloth or an umbrella to protect them from the harsh summer sun.

Water deeply at least every two weeks in winter as it is their growth season Ensure they are kept in well draining soil –  Aeoniums are prone to rot if the soil isn’t allowed to dry out between waterings.

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