Aeonium Velour (Hybrid)


Aeonium Velour is a hybrid which was created by crossing Aeonium Schwarzkopf with Aeonium Canariense and is a sibling of Aeonium Blushing Beauty. Due to their parentage they both tend to look very similar during their winter growth season.

Velour has a branching habit (arboreum) and can grow up to 60cm tall. All Aeoniums are winter active and will stay dormant throughout summer. During winter the rosette will stay open and appear quite long, as the seasons change and the weather becomes warmer, you can expect the leaves to appear shorter and to tighten inwards like a freshly formed rose. Expect to see a lot of leaf drop as the seasons warm, it is nothing to be alarmed about as this is just their way of conserving energy for when they go into full dormancy in summer.

During winter you can expect Velour to be mostly green in the centre and maybe blushes of pale red around the edges of the leaves. Towards the end of winter through to spring your Aeonium will look its best (in my opinion) as the colours intensify and the rosettes start to close in. The red that was only around the edges of the leaves will become more dominant with a gold/green centre.

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