Aeonium Starburst (Lemon & Lime)

Aeonium Starburst

A revision on ‘Aeonium Sunburst’ Starburst is a beautiful large Aeonium growing up to 50cm in diameter (10cm larger than Sunburst). More ‘lime’ than ‘lemon’ it provides a nice contrast in a potted Aeonium arrangement. The leaves are mostly dark green with ‘lemon’ coloured stripes through the centre of the leaf. No two plants look exactly alike as the variegation on each leaf varies from only slight markings through to covering almost half of the leaf. The margins are a dark red and are a lovely contrast to the lemon and lime inner leaf colourings. 

Growing from Autumn through to Spring in an Australian climate and mostly active during winter, stem cuttings are best taken from early Autumn to get the most out of its winter growth period. This Aeonium blooms in Spring with orange flowers the bees are sure to enjoy! 

I’ve found Starburst is attractive to caterpillars and aphids (aphids only if the plant is struggling in some way). Avoid over watering or sticking the cuttings directly into moist soil (especially in most Australian weather which can be unpredictable at times) as the plant can easily rot. Rot in Aeoniums is definitely something you never want to smell or touch… quite disturbing really! 

Propagation is the same as most other Aeoniums via stem, leaf or seeds in the cooler months.  

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