Aeonium Lindleyi


This Aeonium is on the smaller side when it comes to rosettes, growing up to only around 9cm in diameter, the plant itself can grow up to 50cm tall. The leaves are slightly hairy and a little sticky to the touch so small dust and dirt particles can get stuck to them.  

Lindleyi flowers from late spring to early summer with yellow star shapes flowers. I’ve found morning sun and afternoon shade works best for keeping it looking healthy. Over the course of winter it has more than tripled in size in its morning sun location, potted in well draining succulent potting mix. Aeoniums are not really an indoor succulent unless you have a brightly lit window or grow lights installed for them.

I’ve not discovered any pests thus far however, a lot of Aeoniums are prone to mealy bugs so keep your eye out when the weather starts to heat up. This is usually when mealy bugs start to come out of hiding and can infest succulents quite rapidly if the plant is stressed from weather or soil conditions.

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