Aeonium Short Black


This is a really nicely formed Aeonium, with similar colouring to that of Aeonium Zwartkop. Aeonium Short Black seems to be a more compact hybrid of Aeonium Tabuliforme cross Zwartkop which was developed by Jack Catlin in the USA.

Its colours change throughout the seasons, maintaining a greener appearance in its growth season of winter and then deepening in colour as the weather warms throughout spring and summer when it becomes dormant.

My favourite time of year for this Aeonium is Summer. Although dormant, its colours are at their optimal vibrancy at this time. I would liken it to a brightly lit candle with yellows and orange in the centre of the rosette with the deep deep maroon on the outer leaves.

Short Black is a reasonable easy care Aeonium. However, as the leaves are more compact compared to other varieties, they are quite prone to mealy infestations. Be sure to regularly check your Aeoniums as the weather warms. It is also best to keep it in a location that receives morning sun and late afternoon shade, especially in summer. Any less and you may not experience the wonderful array of colours it has to offer throughout the seasons. 

Hold off watering as much as possible in summer. As they are dormant, this means the water they receive cannot be taken in the same as in its active growth period of winter and may rot if excessively watered. This is not to say you should hide your Aeoniums undercover all summer long, mine are out in the elements all year round, I just generally let them receive their water from natural rainfall come summer dormancy.

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