Aeonium Inferno


This Aeonium is simply gorgeous! I purchased this specimen through my local Bunnings for a steal, I think it was something like $8.95…BARGAIN! Some believe Inferno is a genetic mutation of a variegated Aeonium Short Black. I don’t know what I believe but it is definitely a special one.

The colour changes that Aeonium Inferno undergoes throughout the seasons is mesmerising, starting in its winter growth season with pale pinks, greens and cream tones then scaling up through spring with deep burgundy shades. In summer, the colour starts to slowly tone down a little to a deep pink with cream trims on the margins of the leaves.

Being an Aeonium, Inferno is actively growing in the cooler months. Here in Brisbane, it begins waking up in late Autumn and then grows rapidly throughout winter and even right through until the end of spring. It is best to begin propagating your Aeoniums in late Autumn when they begin waking up here in Queensland as this gives your Aeoniums the longest growth period for the entire year.

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