Portulacaria Afra (Elephant Bush)


This is the largest variety of Portulacaria and the most common. This variety can grow to 4m in height and will keep spreading outwards unless controlled. It is commonly used as a fire breaker in its native habitat. It’s habit is a sprawling one however it does provide height that other portulacarias do not, so when planted for some background height it can provide an extra layer of texture to your garden, just be wary of its growth capabilities! It also helps remove carbon dioxide from the environment and will turn it into plant tissue and produce oxygen!

Actively growing in the warmer seasons you can comfortably cease watering in winter and rely on just rain water alone in most parts of Australia.

Pests are minimal however, if your plant runs out of nutrient rich soil, it can start looking quite shabby, loosing leaves and its stems start looking quite barky (for a succulent that is). If the plant is healthy and mature come late winter, early spring… you may be lucky to witness its beautiful pink blooms! Rarely do they flower in Queensland however if it does, it will provide a rich nectar for your local wildlife.

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