Euphorbia Milii ‘Fireworks’


Fantastic in container gardens this slow growing Euphorbia is an easy care succulent for any garden. I received my cutting from a prize winning grower from Brisbane’s annual event ‘The Ekka’ which is held in August.

The grower instructed I let the cutting callus for at least 10 days, I was concerned to propagate the cutting in the midst of winter however after the indicated 10 days, the cutting was dipped in a little cinnamon (to reduce root rot) and then straight into well draining soil. I never water cuttings in the first week of planting, letting them get settled in their new environment. After a few weeks the weather started to warm and the cutting was starting to strike.

There was very little growth in the first 6 months however I’ve found that from autumn through to mid winter it had grown quite a substantial amount which I also consider strange as Euphorbias are classed as summer active succulents.

You can expect blooms to appear throughout the year on most ‘Milli’ Euphorbias however, I find they flower more profusely from autumn through to spring and not so much in summer when they should be actively growing.

It is important to remember that all Euphorbias contain a latex sap that is highly poisonous, when taking cuttings ensure you are wearing gloves and even protective eyewear. If the sap is exposed to skin, animals and humans can have allergic reactions. Do not allow the sap to get into your eyes and keep away from your beloved pets.

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