Euphorbia Mammillaris Variegata (Corn Cob Euphorbia)


This Euphorbia was my first really weird plant purchase, it has such an alien appearance so I just had to have it! Mammillaris, like all other Euphorbia is summer active. There is a variegated form and non variegated form with stems growing up to 35cm tall and 6cm in diameter. The leaves are also variegated and short lived. Corn Cob Euphorbia needs very little care, they can die from over pampering so it is best to mostly ‘set and forget’ these plants. Although they don’t like to be fussed over, they do not tolerate long periods of drought.

Mammillaris needs well draining soil and full sun to really thrive. They are relatively pest free and are mostly propagated via cuttings as seeds are tricky to germinate. Some growers will recommend rooting hormone for a lot of Euphorbias however a lot of them just need a little more time to callus. It is important to propagated in the correct season (usually spring – summer as they are summer active succulents), it is not recommended to propagate in winter!

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