Echeveria Cante


A very striking Echeveria, Cante is a pale blue to lavender colour that can almost appear a powder blue to white from a distance. Be sure to avoid touching the powdery coating as this can mark the leaves. Cante can grow larger than the standard size of 30cm in diameter if placed in a good morning sun/afternoon shade location and in premium well draining potting mix.

Yellow and orange flowers appear generally in summer, its growth season.

Active Growth
Echeveria is mostly dormant in the winter months however I have noted significant growth from autumn through to winter in it’s first year of growth. 

The under leaves of an Echeveria Cante usually dry out faster than other Echeverias so be sure to remove all dead leaf matter to avoid infestations of mealy bugs or fungal disease. Echeveria Cante is native to Mexico.

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