Crassula Rubricaulis


With the common name of ‘butterfly bush’ this Crassula is a green perforated leafed succulent native to South Africa with orange/red edges that are more prominent in full sun. The flower stalks are up to 20cm tall, the inflorescence up to 2cm tall with cream to white blooms. A very bushy ground cover or ‘filler’ in any potted arrangement that can also become a ‘spiller.’ Not prone to many pests and disease however can succumb to fungal disease. As the leaves are tightly packed it is a good idea to regularly check for mealy bugs as I find the more crevices on any succulent is found to be very attractive to mealy bugs. Very easily propagated from cuttings with very little attention needed to encourage root growth (I propagated late Spring with no issues). Crassula is usually more active in Autumn, generally flowering in Winter.

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