Sedum Pats Pink (Paddy Peate Graptosedum)


This succulent is a chance cross between a Sedum Adolphii and another sedum species. It has been labelled differently by various different authorities such as Sedum ‘Pam’s Pink’ xGraptosedum ‘Paddy Peate’, xSedeveria ‘Pat’sPink.’ The cross seems to have come about just prior to 1995 and when searching online you will see there are various names given to the same plant. Between the end of summer and early autumn its leaves start deepening in colour to a deep apricot tone. They are generally dormant in summer as they are winter growers.

You can expect Pats Pink to look a little drab and unhappy in summer so I usually trim mine back at the end of summer to encourage healthy new growth that will bush out nicely in the growing season. Flowers can be seen in late winter through to spring and are very similar to that of Sedum Adolphii (little white star-like blooms). It’s leaf colour varies greatly throughout the seasons from a more soft yellow apricot to a deep pink/apricot.

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