Sedum Lucidum Obesum (Giant Green Jelly Beans)


The largest leafed ‘Jelly Beans’ of the Sedum family, Giant Green Jelly Beans is one of the toughest, easiest Jelly Beans to care for. When kept in full sun it develops a lovely maroon edging around the leaves. Flowering will begin late Winter and continue with blooms opening in early Spring. The star shaped flowers begin as pure white with yellow centres and as time goes by, the centre will deepen in colour turning orange to a vibrant red. This variety can grow up to 45cm tall so when propagating season strikes (sedum are winter active succulents) just break off a stem cutting, let it callus over for at least 1 – 2 weeks then poke the cutting into well draining soil and it will root.

Pests don’t seem to be an issue with this sedum however if exposed to too much sun the leaves are prone to blister.

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