Sedum Pachyphyllum (Blue Jelly Beans)


Other resources may suggest, Sedum Pachyphyllum or ‘Blue Jelly Beans’ is a summer flowering succulents however, I have found that these guys are beginning to flower early Spring with bright yellow blooms. They a a low ground cover, small bushing succulent that only grows up to about 30cm tall. Most Sedum varieties are very hardy and require little attention (hence the nickname stonecrop – as stones need the same amount of attention). The plant sends out roots when the stem is closer to the ground and root itself freely so you can basically just place the cutting on top of soil to get it started. Blue Jelly Beans will propagate from leaf and stem cuttings quite easily.

I find these guys love full sun but do tend to be prone to scale (mostly on the stems) so it is important to keep an eye on them in the wetter seasons and remove any dead leaf matter regularly.

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