Graptopetalum Superbum


My absolute favourite of all Graptopetalums, Superbum puts on a beautiful display in Spring. She displays multiple flower stems that are thin and spider-web like with tiny red and yellow striped flowers. Flower stems begin to form mid winter but can take up mid spring to form full blooms.

Superbum is another thick, fleshy leafed succulent and with its beautiful lavender colour it makes for a fabulous ‘thriller’ in any succulent arrangement.

So far I’ve experienced no real pest issues as they seem to be quite hardy and resilient towards mealy bug and scale pests.

Graptopetalum Superbum needs at least 4-6 hours of direct sun to look its best. Water deeply in summer and hold off regular watering in winter as it can be prone to fungal infections. Fungal infections can be treated with ‘Mancozeb’ which is a fungal systemic powder mixed into a spray bottle and applied once per week until the fungus is controlled. If some leaves are badly damaged it may be worth removing them completely.

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