Graptosedum Francesco Baldi


The most common of all the rosette forming succulents in Queensland, every newbie or oldie has their own Francesco Baldi succulent growing somewhere! This succulent has followed me throughout my life as my Mum always had a lovely potted arrangement and some scattered amongst her garden. 

It has to be one of the easiest succulents to care for, forming leaf babies with ease, almost as fast as a leaf falls to the ground! Francesco Baldi grows in the cooler seasons and flowers towards the end of winter, early spring. Their flowers are star shaped and mostly yellow. This succulent changes colour dramatically depending on the season and it’s environment. When placed in nutrient rich soils the leaves tend to be more purple green and when placed in deficient soils (old or low in nutrients) the leaves tend to turn more yellowish with pink flushes. The pinkish hues are also due to sun stress as the plant will turn more purple/blue in a shadier environment.

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