Propagating Succulents – The Many Ways One Can…


Succulents can be propagated using stem cuttings, leaves and sometimes even flower stems

‘A Few Leaves Fell off’


Sometimes when we are planting our newly acquired succulents, a few leaves can get knocked off in the process. Do not discard them, they can become plants all of their own (with a little TLC). Ensure the undamaged leaves are kept dry for the first few days (much like a stem cutting) then, place them into a shallow container (sometimes I just place them under the shelter of their mother plant) and mist with a water spay bottle regularly for the first few weeks. Over time they will grow and can join your other succulents in your garden. Be sure to slowly introduce them to sun over a few days if they have been kept in lower light conditions. 

Autumn – Time for Aeonium


I have been waiting patiently since last year to take cuttings from my Aeoniums.

Aeoniums are summer dormant therefore it is best to propagate in the cooler months. This aeonium was cut with a clean sterile knife over a week ago and is now calloused and ready for planting.

Comparing Methods


Equally you can propagate succulents from leaf or from stem cuttings however, depending on the type of succulent it is sometimes easier and more effective with a stem cutting. Silver spoons is one such plant. Although a leaf baby will start looking fuller faster as it grows a whole new plant, a stem cutting takes much less time to establish and grow new roots (seasons allowing). This stem cutting has fully rooted in under 2 weeks after planting. The leaf baby has taken over a month to get to this point in its growth. If you want a fuller effect fast, stem cuttings are the way to go. Autumn is a great season to propagate most Kalanchoe species.

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