Succulent Tapestry


The careful balance of colour, texture, movement, proportion, rhythm, unity and other elements are all considered when creating art. The same goes for a succulent tapestry garden. 

Each plant is selected for its own special contribution to the project. Be it the colour of a Echeveria Barron Bold and its lumpy texture that creates a focal point in the centre of the art piece or the theory of basic repetition of a Graptoveria Supreme and Crassula Campfire creating a complementary colour scheme. 

Using the basic ideology of ‘thriller, filler and spiller’ and building a sloping surface area to create varied heights you can create stunning patterns that direct the eye and create movement that flows like a riverbed. 

My selection of succulents for this project include a smaller variety of Agave, Crassula Ovata, Crassula Campfire, Echeveria Barron Bold, Portulacaria Afra Variegata, Sedum Bronze Delight and more. Rocks are used to create a kind of ‘white space’ and a surface for some of the more creeping varieties to drape and climb.

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